Tan Hai Thanh  Company has been established in 2003, precursor of the factory specializing in manufacturing Kimono box to supply to Toyota Group in Japan.

To contribute to common development of domestic packing industry with many limits, non-professional, especially Pharmaceutical packing.

In 2004, Tan Hai Thanh has chosen Pharmaceutical packing as its main Product to develop. Tan Hai Thanh company has invested many state-of-the-art machines, equipments and trained well its workforce to manufacture, supply specific packing of Pharmaceutical Industry.

In recent years, Tan Hai Thanh company has consecutively invested in modern technology to bring customers with convenience and the most optimal value added, meeting higher and higher demand when our Pharmaceutical industry has integrated globally.

So far, there have been many local and foreign companies, corporations trusting in using Tan Hai Thanh 's packing such as:
Stada, Imexpharm, Mekophar, Pharmedic, Domesco, F.T.  Pharma, Euvipharm, Roussel VN, Shingpoong Daewoo, BV pharma, Davipharm, Otsuka, Vacopharm, Medisun, Donaipharm, Agimexpharm, Glomed, Nadyphar, Q.M. Mediphar, N.I.C, TW25, Pharimexco, S. pharm ...... and many other local and foreign enterprises. Moreover, our company also provides export packing to Europe, America, Africa...etc.

By experience and particular capability, we shall bring our customers wirh the best solutions on packing.

Tan Hai Thanh company is investing in expanding and putting modern technologies in the world into its production and tries its best to become a leading company specializing in supplying Pharmaceutical packing in Vietnam.

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